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PiccoloP5 is a Processing library for controlling Piccolo, the Tiny CNC-bot, from your processing sketch.
Created by Diatom Studio, 16 October, 2014.
Released into the public domain.


To Install the PiccoloP5 library:
1. Unzip /distribution/PiccoloP5-1/download/ to your processing libraries directory.
2. Restart Processing.
3. Select Sketch > Import Library > Piccolo P5

Hello Piccolo Example

import piccoloP5.*;
import processing.serial.*;

//Piccolo bed size in mm
float bedWidth = 50.0; 
float bedHeight = 50.0; 
float bedDepth = 50.0; 
float bedRenderWidth = 300;

PiccoloP5 piccolo;

void setup() {
  piccolo = new PiccoloP5(bedWidth,bedHeight,bedDepth);
  piccolo.serial = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[Serial.list().length-1]); //This selects the last COM port listed on your system, this is usually Piccolo but not always. 
  piccolo.serialConnected = true;

  for(int dia = 5; dia < bedWidth; dia += 5){

  piccolo.start();//start drawing

void draw(){
   piccolo.update(); //update piccolo