Piccolo Bill of Materials

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Piccolo v1

Laser Cutting

There are lots of things to consider when laser cutting your Piccolo! Please have a look at the Piccolo Fabrication Guide

Piccolo v1 cutting pattern: piccolo_v1_parts.eps CC-SA 4.0

Some laser cutting services and sample prices ex. shipping. If not using the Piccolo PCB, a laser-cut substitute part can be used.

Provider Notes Cost (USD)
Ponoko USA Piccolo v1 parts 48.03
Ponoko USA Piccolo v1 pcb substitute part 2.87


Part # Sources and Notes Cost Each (USD) Cost Total (USD)
Corona DS-929MG digital servo 3 Hobby King 7.15 21.45
M3 10mm low profile cap screws 8 Accuscrews (min order 100pcs) 0.05 0.40
M3 16mm low profile cap screws 3 Accuscrews (min order 100pcs) 0.05 0.15
M3 10mm cap screws 2 Accuscrews (min order 100pcs) 0.05 0.10
M3 22mm cap screws 4 Accuscrews (min order 100pcs) 0.08 0.32
M3 low profile nuts 17 Accuscrews (min order 100pcs) 0.03 0.51
2.5mm hex key 1 for assembly
2mm hex key 1 for assembly
USB microB Cable 1
rubber band 1
cable ties 2 optional
6.4mm sticky rubber feet 4 optional, Amazon


Piccolo v1 pcb gerber files: Piccolo_pcb_v0.9.1_gerbers.zip CC-SA 4.0

1.6mm PCB, 91mm x 64mm, with internal cut-out, silk screen both sides.

Some PCB fab service providers and sample prices ex. shipping.

Provider Notes Cost Each Board (USD) Cost Total (USD)
Seeed Studio PCB Fusion Min order of 5 boards, cost for 5 red boards 6.18 30.90
Cost for 10 red boards 3.49 34.90
ITEAD Studio Multiples of 10 boards, cost for 10 red boards 3.50 35.00

PCB Components

Part # Sources Cost Each (USD) Cost Total (USD)
Pro Micro 5v 1 Sparkfun 19.95 19.95
Thumbwheel pot 10k linear 1 Sparkfun 0.95 0.95
R/A male headers 1 optional* Digikey 1.07 1.07
R/A 2x08 female header 1 Digikey 1.59 1.59
R/A tactile switches 2 Digikey 0.38 0.76
330µF capacitors 3 Digikey 0.41 1.23
1x03 servo headers 3 Digikey 0.16 0.48
JST PH 2pos R/A connector 1 Digikey 0.16 0.16

* may be needed for assembly. See Piccolo PCB v0.9 Assembly