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Preprocessor for compressing files that contain Zlib streams.
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AntiZ is a project to create an open source precompressor for lightly compressed data.(currently Zlib) Zlib is a very common compression, for example it is used in PDF, JAR, ZIP, PNG etc. While Zlib is fast, it has a poor compression ratio, and it is usually not effective to use a stronger compression(eg. LZMA) on data that has already been compressed with Zlib. It would be much better if the data was not compressed at all before applying the stronger compression. For example:

PDF file: 172KB---->compresses to 124KB with 7ZIP 9.38 beta (ultra preset) PDF file: 172KB---->expands to 745KB with AntiZ----->compresses to 104KB with 7ZIP

Of course this process is not trivial if you want to get back the original file, byte identical. This project is inspiried by and aims to be a replacement for the long abandoned precomp project (non open source).

AntiZ is currently in alpha stage, the ATZ1 file format is not very polished, has almost no integrity checksa and wastes space. There may also be bugs. I do not recommend using it on important data yet, especially since later versions will not support the ATZ1 file format.

AntiZ supports any file that contains a standard deflate stream, such as PDF, JAR, some PNGs and many others. Files that contain headerless or otherwise altered deflate streams(eg. ZIP) are currently not supported.

A number of people have contributed ideas, kind words, testing and code to the development of AntiZ:

hxim (

the community (

Thank you!


uncomp.exe [--brute-window] [--notest] [-r] [--chunksize ] [--mismatch-tol ] [--shortcut-len ] [--sizediff-tresh ] [--recomp-tresh ] [-o ] -i [--] [--version] [-h]


--brute-window Bruteforce deflate window size if there is a chance that recompression could be improved by it. This can have a major performance penalty. Default: disabled

--notest Skip comparing the reconstructed file to the original at the end. This is not recommended, as AntiZ is still experimental software and my contain bugs that corrupt data.

-r, --reconstruct Assume the input file is an ATZ file and attempt to reconstruct the original file from it

--chunksize Size of the memory buffer in bytes for chunked disk IO. This contorls memory usage to some extent, but memory usage control is not fully implemented yet. Smaller values result in more disk IO operations. Default: 524288

--mismatch-tol Mismatch tolerance in bytes. If a set of parameters are found that give at most this many mismatches, then accept them and stop looking for a better set of parameters. Increasing this improves speed at the cost of more ATZ file overhead that may hurt compression. Default: 2 Maximum: 65535

--shortcut-len Length of the shortcut in bytes. If a stream is longer than the shortcut, then stop compression after compressed bytes have been obtained and compare this portion to the original. If this comparison yields more than recompTresh mismatches, then do not compress the entire stream. Lowering this improves speed, but it must be significantly greater than recompTresh or the speed benefit will decrease. Default: 512 Maximum: 65535

--sizediff-tresh Size difference treshold in bytes. If the size difference between a recompressed stream and the original is more than the treshold then do not even compare them. Increasing this treshold increases the chance that a stream will be compared to the original. The cost of comparing is relatively low, so setting this equal to the recompression treshold should be fine. Default: 128 Maximum: 65535

--recomp-tresh Recompression treshold in bytes. Streams are only recompressed if the best match differs from the original in at most recompTresh bytes. Increasing this treshold may allow more streams to be recompressed, but may increase ATZ file overhead and make it harder to compress. Default: 128 Maximum: 65535

-o , --output Output file name

-i , --input (required) Input file name

--, --ignore_rest Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

--version Displays version information and exits.

-h, --help Displays usage information and exits.

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