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Containing my trial for data mining in several websites
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Containing my trial for data mining in several websites.


I use requests and webdriver for data mining. If you don't have these tools, you are supposed to obtain them at first.

Use pip to install requests and selenium.

pip install requests
pip install selenium

To mine a dynamic website, we need PhantomJS or Chromedriver. Here are some notes for download them.

It is easy for you to install them by google or baidu it.

Crawling on different websites

All Python3 scripts are provided.

(a) History air quality data of Chinese cities from aqistudy

Environment is crucial for everything on Earth. To better protect our Earth, we may need history data in order to analyze. Here we choose the website aqistudy as our source of data.

This website is friendly and has about 300+ Chinese cities, providing data from 2014 to nowadays. We use webdriver to simulate searching actions and pandas to modify our data. (Notice that the reason why we use webdriver instead of requests is that the website is dynamic but not steady so there may be some mistakes. You may use to have a try.)

import re
from selenium import webdriver
import pandas as pd
import time
import numpy as np

def remove_label(text):
    html_label = re.compile("<[^>]+>")
    return re.sub(html_label, "", text)

chromedriver = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chromedriver.exe"
df = pd.DataFrame(columns=['city','date','AQI','AQI_range','level','PM2.5','PM10','SO2','CO','NO2','O3'])
end = len(citylist)
now = 0
driver = webdriver.Chrome(chromedriver)
xpath = "/html/body/div[1]/div/div[2]/form/div/input"
url = ""
html = driver.get(url)
citylist = ["北京", "上海", "深圳", "广州"] # Here you can replace it with whatever you want can be found on that website.

for city in citylist:
    now = now+1 # Timer
    # Use driver to simulate people
    # Wait for an interval to diminish the stress of Server :)
    print("Now:(%d/%d) - %s"%(now,end,city))
    waittime1 = 4+ np.abs(np.random.normal(0,2))
    print("Please wait for a random time: "+str(waittime1))
    # Obtain data on pages
    text = driver.page_source
    pattern1 = re.compile("<tr.+?</tr>")
    text1 = re.findall(pattern1, text)
    for item in text1:
        text2 = remove_label(item)
        pattern2 = re.compile("        ")
        text3 = re.split(pattern2, text2)
        mydict = {'city': city,
                  'date': text3[1],
                  'AQI': text3[2],
                  'AQI_range': text3[3],
        df = df.append(mydict, ignore_index=True)

(b) Games data on steamspy

Here is the searching result of Dota 2: and I really enjoy TI every year.

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