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npm version MIT

A in-App browser for react native based apps using TransitApp/SVWebViewController.

Because there is some dependency problems, I cannot add TransitApp/SVWebViewController as a submodule.



  1. npm install react-native-inapp-browser
  2. Go to node_modulesreact-native-inapp-browserRCTInAppBrowser
  3. Drag RCTInAppBrowser FOLDER into your master project
  4. Run your project (Cmd+R)


Basic Usage

import Anchor from 'react-native-inapp-browser';

<Anchor href='' color='e67221' line>URL_PLACEHOLDER</Anchor>


The <Anchor/> object can take the following props:

Basic Parameters

  • href: REQUIRED, the URL of the button.
  • color: The shortcut for color attribute, will apply to the text-decoration style and font color.
  • line: Adding this will display a underline decoration.

NOTE: If you are using the style props to style this button yourself, I suggest not using the color and line props.


import Anchor from 'react-native-inapp-browser';

class MyApp extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <React.View style={{flex: 1, backgroundColor: 'white', alignItems: 'center', justifyContent: 'center'}}>
        <Anchor href=''>Open</Anchor>
React.AppRegistry.registerComponent('MyApp', () => MyApp);


If something is undocumented here, and it is not clear with you, feel free to create an issue here, I will tried my best to answer you.

Anything else

Feel free to request new features, just create an issue. It will be very welcome to pull request for me.

My email

Facebook Dicky Tsang

Sina Weibo @桐乃