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Didact Engine

The decoupled, atomic REST API and orchestration engine for the Didact .NET Standard scheduler.

Didact Platform Repositories

  • The REST API and orchestration engine: didact-engine
  • The console application responsible for heartbeats, engine revives, and maintenance tasks: didact-sentinel
  • The VueJS single-page application dashboard: didact-ui
  • The core library containing the block classes, as well as other model information. didact-core


The Didact Engine is the combined REST API and orchestration/execution engine for Didact workflows.

This .NET 6 application is responsible for:

  • Exposing workflow manipulations via a set of REST endpoints.
  • Persisting the metadata of Didact blocks and Didact workflows into database storage.
  • Dynamically loading Didact class library projects and executing Didact workflows.
  • Sending real-time updates to didact-ui via SignalR hubs.