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Apr 10, 2020

Deus Ex Randomizer

This is a mod for the original Deus Ex that takes everything and shuffles it all around to make it like a new game every time but with the same great story. The goal is to increase the replayability and strategy.

Installation Instructions for Vanilla, Lay D Denton, GMDX, Revision, HX co-op, and Vanilla? Madder.

If the game is not running well, even for vanilla Deus Ex, see the recommended tweaks here.

v2.0 Trailer

v2.0 Trailer

DXRando randomizes

  • locations of goals, NPCs, and some starting locations
  • medbots and repair bots (with hint datacubes near them)
  • adding and moving turrets, cameras, security computers, and datacubes for them
  • starting equipment, bioelectric energy, and credits
  • moving enemies around, adding and changing enemies/characters, giving them random names and making some of them dance
  • changing the locations of items/boxes/NanoKeys/datacubes around the map
  • passwords and passcodes
  • exp costs for skills
    • option for rerolling every mission
    • option for disabling the Downgrade button on the new game screen, to prevent looking ahead
  • what augmentations are in each canister
  • the strength and lockpick strength for doors
  • the hack strength for keypads
  • the strength of augmentations and skills (make sure to read their descriptions)
  • the damage and firing speed of weapon types (make sure to read the description for one of each type)
  • JC's and Paul's clothes
  • randomly adds "The Merchant"

There are also settings for

  • Crowd Control! Let your Twitch/YouTube/Discord/other viewers troll you or help you!
    • If you want to try some of the Crowd Control features without actually streaming, you can try the "Offline Simulated" mode in the New Game screen!
  • New Game+ - after beating the game play it again keeping your items, skills, and augs, but with increased difficulty and a new seed
    • takes away 1 random augmentation, and 1 of your weapons
    • takes away half your skill points and 5 random skill levels, so the player has to choose which ones to level up first
  • new game modes!
    • Entrance Randomization - changes what level each teleporter takes you to, but keeps it within the same mission.
    • Horde Mode - fight for your life to see how long you can survive in the Paris Cathedral.
  • challenge mode loadouts!
    • Stick With the Prod Pure means the only weapon you get is the stun prod (hint: throw a crate straight up into the air to break it)
      • Stick With the Prod Plus also allows EMP grenades, gas grenades, scramble grenades, pepper gun, and tranq darts
    • Ninja JC - the only weapons allowed are throwing knives, swords, pepper spray, and grenades. You also get a Ninja Augmentation which gives you speed and stealth at the same time
    • Don't Give Me the GEP Gun - bans the GEP gun
    • Freeman Mode - only weapon allowed is the crowbar
    • Grenades Only
    • No Pistols - for people who think the pistol is OP
    • No Swords - for people who think the sword and Dragon's Tooth Sword are OP
    • No Overpowered Weapons - bans pistols, swords, and the GEP Gun
    • By the Book - bans lockpicks and multitools
  • Max Rando - randomize the randomizer's settings!
  • An integrated Bingo board: on the Goals screen there's a Bingo button in the top right, there's also our external BingoDisplay program
  • Co-op when combined with the HX mod (Alpha)
  • making all or some of the doors that normally require a key also lockpickable and/or destructible
  • making all or some keypads hackable.
  • reducing the drop rate for ammo, multitools, lockpicks, medkits, and bioelectric cells
  • autosave
  • making enemies respawn
  • starting the game with the running speed augmentation
  • optional hardcore Autosave-Only mode, no save-scumming allowed!
  • autofill passwords options
  • Death Markers - see where other players have died!
  • if you opt-in to Online Features (which is disabled by default), then your in-game events will also contribute to our Twitter bot @DxRandoActivity
    • You can search these tweets by adding "from:DxRandoActivity" to your search, and make sure to choose the Latest tab, like this

New Game Menus

When you click New Game, you will see this settings screen:


If you click Next then it will use default settings based on your difficulty choice.

But if you click Advanced then you will see these settings:

advanced options

Balance Chances

DXRando features many small but impactful balance changes that can expand your tactical options.

The large metal crates are now destructible with 2000hp. Alcohol now fixes dead legs. Things that normally aren't useful have been buffed, such as hazmat suits, ballistic armor, environmental skill, and the spy drone augmentation. And more balance changes to maximize variety for many replays!

See the full list of balance changes here in the wiki so you may be better able to adapt to the unique challenges DXRando generates.

Join the discord channel for discussion or follow my Twitter @Die4EverDM.

If you want to play with the DXRando.ini config file (in your Documents\Deus Ex\System\ folder), then you can look at the wiki for reference