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v1.8.1 19.08.2019

  • FIX: Bug when breaking a barrel

v1.8 18.08.2019

  • NEW: You can now use the new Minecraft Barrels for brewing!
    • Will take 6 brews, compared to 9 of the small and 27 of the big barrel
    • Configurable number of max brews in the Minecraft Barrel
  • NEW: Supports the Campfire as fire source under the cauldron
  • NEW: /brew ItemName command
    • Shows the material name of an item, to use in a recipe
  • NEW: Can use RGB colors for brews in recipes
  • NEW: Barrels now make sounds when opening and closing in 1.14
  • NEW: Chinese language by Neubulae and kp06125
  • FIX: Don't load Chunks just to check a barrel

v1.7.2 04.07.2019

  • NEW: Support for CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.14.x and below
  • FIXED: Error with UIDs in 1.14
  • FIXED: Potion Effect Durations in 1.14
  • FIXED: WorldGuard Support with FastAsyncWorldEdit
  • STILL: Support for all older Minecraft Versions

v1.7.1 17.01.2019

  • FIXED: Fixed Error with newest WorldGuard 7.0
  • NEW: Added custom bStats Charts

v1.7 31.10.2018

  • NEW: Support for CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.13.x and below
    • Huge thanks to @Sataniel98 and @ProgrammerDan!
    • Will automatically update the Config and Datafile for the correct version
    • Uses the new Material names, and they have to be used in the config
  • FIXED: Now Showing correct Potion Colors again
  • NEW: Different Default configs for <= 1.12 and 1.13
  • NEW: Support Magma Block as Heat Source
  • NEW: Support for the Plugin Citadel
  • FIXED: Some Display Errors with the Distiller
  • FIXED: Integration into other Plugins updated
  • STILL: Support for all older Minecraft Versions

v1.5 28.06.2016

  • NEW: Config Option for recipes to set the time for each Distill-run
  • NEW: "/brew create" now accepts a Player to give the Brew to, and @p in CommandBlocks
    • Command is now: /brew create <Recipe> [Quality] [Player]
  • NEW: Italian Language and Config by FraazT0
  • NEW: Config Option to disable Chat Distortion
  • FIX: Fixed a lot of Bugs for MC 1.10 and 1.9
  • FIX: Some items sometimes not accepted by Cauldron (Grass, Cactus, etc.)
  • FIX: Bugs with Distilling
  • FIX: Wood type of Big barrel sometimes not recognized correctly
  • FIX: Some small bugs with MC 1.6 and older

v1.4.4 30.05.2016

  • FIX: Applied wrong potion effect sometimes when drinking a brew in 1.9
  • FIX: plugins/Brewery/configs/ (default configs) not updating

v1.4.3 28.05.2016

  • NEW: Much better Error handling when reloading recipes.
    • More help when a recipe fails to load
    • Show the messages not only in the log but also to the player doing the /brew reload
  • NEW: Set the time until puke items despawn! Default is 1 minute.
    • Also the item flow is a bit randomized to make it look better
    • Puke items should now never be possible to be picked up, ever.
  • NEW: Updated some outdated config descriptions
  • REM: Removed the longer login deny when extremely drunk. No more waiting until logging back in!
  • FIX: Ensure that the plugin keeps working once Minecraft 1.10 is out

v1.4.2 19.05.2016

  • NEW: Support for CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.9.x
    • Huge thanks to @Sataniel98 and @ProgrammerDan!
    • Custom distilling process that imitates the old process in the brewing stand using glowstone dust
    • Potions were changed in 1.9 so the Color of Brews may look different
    • Potioneffects are now completely hidden from the Brew lore in 1.9, as they would otherwise show confusing effects
    • Finally here after a long time
  • NEW: Support for WorldGuard 6.1, LWC 4.5.0, GriefPrevention 14.6, LogBlock 1.94/1.10
  • STILL: Keeping support for CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x and probably older

v1.3.2 16.03.2015

  • NEW: Using Vault to find Items in recipes
    • Optional dependency
    • This makes creating recipes a lot easier
    • Instead of id and data values ingredients can be added by their name
    • for example "green dye" or "stained glass pane green"
  • NEW: Automatically allow ingredients of recipes into the cauldron
    • Allow even if not in cooked list
    • Those potions will have generic cooked names
  • FIXED: Cauldron duplication Bug

v1.3.1 10.01.2015

  • NEW: WorldGuard 6.0 Support, fixes the error when opening Barrels with WorldGuard 6.0 installed
  • STILL: WorldGuard 5.x Backwards compatibility
  • NEW: Update Checker
    • Checks the Curseforge api for updates to Brewery once at serverstart
    • If found, the log and Ops are notified
    • Runs in an async thread, so it does not lock up the Server
    • Can be disabled in the config
  • NEW: All Languages and config files now come packed with the Plugin
  • FIXED: Proper error Message if checking of supported protection plugins fails

v1.3 04.09.2014

  • NEW: Player UUID support
  • NEW: Item Data/Damage Value support in Recipes
  • NEW: Brew Potioneffects much more configurable
  • NEW: Performance Improvements
  • NEW: 1.7 Woodtypes added to config description
  • STILL: Backwards compatibility to older Minecraft versions
  • FIXED: Worldedit compatibility by removing /br, use /brew
  • FIXED: Better description for some config entries
  • NEW: Commands added (see Wiki for full description):
    • /brew persist - Persistence to copy potions or use with other Plugins
    • /brew static - Make a brewed potion unchangeable
    • /brew create - Simply create a potion without any brewing

v1.2 07.05.2014

  • NEW: Metrics by Hidendra
  • NEW: Better Plugin Compatibility
  • NEW: Support for the following plugins:
    • LWC
    • WorldGuard
    • LogBlock
    • GriefPrevention
  • NEW: Open Barrels by clicking on any of its blocks (configurable)
  • NEW: Items drop instantly when breaking any block of the barrel
  • NEW: Reworked permissions, giving brewery.user by default
  • NEW: Added some new permissions for barrels and cauldrons
  • FIXED: Hopper can not collect puke items anymore
  • FIXED: Some characters in chat crashed the Chat distortion
  • FIXED: Barrel Inventory Name is now localized
  • FIXED: Empty Buckets are returned when using them as ingredients
  • FIXED: Blocks sometimes could not be added to the cauldron in 1.7
  • UPDATE: English language file was updated (Thanks to hellphish @

v1.1.1 22.12.2013

  • FIXED: Barrel Duplication Bug

v1.1.0 21.11.2013

  • NEW: Config Updater, will update the config to the newest version
  • NEW: Distort Settings:
    • Distort Certain Commands
    • Distort Text written on a Sign
    • Do Not Distort Text written between configured letters
  • REMOVED: Vault. Now uses default Bukkit Permission handling
  • NEW: Permissions to bypass certain Events, like getting kicked on overdrinking

v1.0.0 27.10.2013

  • NEW: Added multilanguage-support (en/de)
  • NEW: Config-option: "logRealChat"

v0.5.1 09.09.2013

  • Disabled Debug Messages

Add 'debug: true' to the config if you want to enable them

V0.5 07.09.2013

Many Changes to the Potions:

  • Several Fixes to the Items and the Brewing process
  • Multiple Effects Per Potion
  • Consume Items to lower the Drunkeness
  • New Lore showing the Quality while Brewing
  • List Effects in the Lore
  • Barrel Woodtype is now more Important
  • New Commands to Copy, Remove, etc
  • Unlabel Potions to hide Details of the Brewing Process
  • Redone the Saving of the Ingredients
  • Reload command now correctly reloads Recipes
  • Loading of Recipes now check for Errors
  • Some fixes to the Effects while drunk
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Old Config and Data Files will not work anymore, as they have changed in this Version!

V0.4 30.07.2013

First Beta Release!

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