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@@ -36,8 +36,18 @@ Since Yahoo implements the version 1.0 of the OAuth protocol, naming is slightly
While `:ssl_ca_file` is optional, it is highly recommended to set it on production environments for obvious security reasons.
On the other hand it makes things much easier to leave the default value for `:redirect_path` and `:callback path`, the reason of which will be clear after reading the following section.
-## Google API Console
-You can register your application using the [Google API Console](
+## Register your application
+* For Gmail : [Google API Console](
+* For Yahoo : [Yahoo Developer Network](
+* For Hotmail : [Microsoft Developer Network](
+* For Facebook : [Facebook Developers](
+##### Note:
+Please go through [MSDN]( if above Hotmail link will not work.
## Integrating with your Application

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