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Catalano Framework

The Catalano Framework is a framework for scientific computing for Java and Android. The project started as an initial port of the many features of the AForge.NET and Accord.NET frameworks for .NET, but is steadily growing with more advanced features which are now being shared between those projects.

The project is organized under the same architecture found in the afore mentioned frameworks. Experienced users who would wish to leverage their expertise on Accord and AForge to work on Android can rely on the same namespaces for:

  • Fuzzy
  • Graph
  • IO
    • Arff
    • CSV
    • Generic data parser
  • Image Processing
    • Coutour
    • Corner
    • Filters
    • Texture
    • Shapes
  • Machine Learning
    • Classification
    • Clustering
    • Exploration
    • Feature Selection
    • Regression
  • Math
    • Decompositions
    • Dissimilarities
    • Distances
    • Functions
    • Geometry
    • Transforms
    • Wavelets
  • Neural Networks
  • Signal
  • Statistics
    • Analysis
    • Distributions
    • Kernels
    • Regression
  • Video
  • Vision





The framework is released under the LGPL, which means it can be used even inside commercial applications.