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WildFly Swarm and Ceylon

An example WildFly Swarm service written in Ceylon, demonstrating the use of JPA, CDI, and JAX-RS. You can also run the example on the WildFly application server, and probably on any other Java EE application server.

The project is based these WildFly Swarm examples.



You'll need the following prerequisites to get started:

Now, go to the directory ceylon-wildfly-swarm-jaxrs, which contains the example project.

For the impatient

You can compile and run it using:

ceylon plugin install ceylon.swarm
ceylon compile && ceylon swarm --provided-module=javax.javaeeapi jaxrs.example && java -jar jaxrs.example-1.0.0-swarm.jar

And hit: http://localhost:8080/rest/employee

Now let's understand the individual steps...


To compile the example, type:

ceylon compile

This will compile the module jaxrs.example into the modules subdirectory.

Assembling the executable jar

Make sure sure that the ceylon swarm plugin is installed:

ceylon plugin install ceylon.swarm

Next, assemble the module jaxrs.example as an executable jar by running:

ceylon swarm --provided-module=javax.javaeeapi jaxrs.example

This will create the file jaxrs.example-1.0.0-swarm.jar, which is an executable "fat" jar containing your service and all its dependencies.

Starting the service

Run the executable jar using java:

java -jar jaxrs.example-1.0.0-swarm.jar

You'll see lots of output from WildFly. The deployment is ready when you see this message:

INFO [] (main) WFLYSRV0010: Deployed "jaxrs.example-1.0.0.war" (runtime-name : "jaxrs.example-1.0.0.war")

To check that it's working, go straight to:


Testing the service

The service has the following endpoints:

You can use the Insomnia REST client to test it.

Hacking the example

Project metadata for both Eclipse and IntelliJ is included. Make sure you have Ceylon IDE for Eclipse or IntelliJ installed in your preferred IDE, and import the project from the folder ceylon-wildfly-swarm/ceylon-wildfly-swarm-jaxrs.

To run the project in IntelliJ, open the file


and click the green triangle in the gutter.

To run the project in Eclipse, select the project or module in the Explorer, and select 'Run > Run As > Ceylon Java Application Packaged by WildFly Swarm'.

Running on WildFly application server

To run the example on the full WildFly application server, compile the module, and then assemble a Java web archive by typing:

ceylon war --static-metamodel --provided-module=javax.javaeeapi jaxrs.example

This creates the file jaxrs.example-1.0.0.war. Copy this file to your WildFly deployments directory:

copy jaxrs.example-1.0.0.war $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments/

Start WildFly, if it's not already running: --server-config=standalone.xml

And, finally, go to: