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Awesome WebTorrent Clones Awesome

Awesome product clones using WebTorrent/WebRTC


The Clones

AirDrop/WeTransfer - Direct File Transfer

Chrome/Firefox - Web Browser

Lightshot/Gyazo/Puush - Screenshot Sharing

Speedtest.net/Fast.com - Internet Speed Test

Ī¼Torrent/Transmission/Vuze - BitTorrent Client

YouTube/Vimeo - Video Hosting Platform


Found an awesome product clone using WebTorrent/WebRTC? Send a pull request! Just follow the guidelines


  • Make sure what you are adding is not already on the list
  • Make a separate pull request for each addition
  • Use the format: [Name](GitHub Link) ([demo](Demo Link))
  • Add it to the bottom of that product's clones list, not top or middle
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Feel free to create or improve a product clone category
  • Make sure there is no trailing whitespace
  • Last, Make sure it is awesome!



This work (Awesome WebTorrent Clones) is free of known copyright restrictions.