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╬▓Torrent is a fully-featured WebTorrent browser client written in HTML, JS and CSS


  • Informative GUI with easy sharing options
  • Downloading from an info hash or magnet URI
  • Downloading from a .torrent file (Coming Soon)
  • Seeding files (Single/multiple files)
  • Seeding CORS-enabled remote files (Coming Soon)
  • Download/Upload speed per torrent
  • Download/Upload speed of client (All torrents)
  • Removing torrents from the client
  • Pause/Resume torrent
  • Selecting/Deselecting files (Coming Soon)
  • Client Debugging
  • Use custom trackers/rtcConfig

Built with

Website powered by jsDelivr and CloudFlare. I use nginx in my server.

HTML5 serving

You must serve index.html as the default

For nginx, use this conf:

    location / {
        try_files $uri$args $uri$args/ /index.html;

Enable Debugging

Enable ╬▓Torrent (Debug logging) and WebTorrent (Logs logging) debug logs by running this in the developer console:

localStorage.debug = '*'

Disable by running this:


Help ╬▓Torrent


  • jasalo For the logo and favicon
  • whitef0x0 For cleanup and ng-file-upload and other ideas


MIT. Copyright (c) Diego Rodr├şguez Baquero