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Free Open Source Content Management System, based on PHP, Bootstrap and jQuery.
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a Free Open Source MIT Content Management System, that is built utilising PHP, PDO, jQuery, Bootstrap, and LibreICONS. Built to take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3, with necessary SEO attributes that fit in with Google's recommendations, Micro-formats, ARIA (A11Y), and general SEO Markup.

We are currently at Version 2.0.1

You can view the CHANGELOG.

NOTE: LibreCMS now only supports PHP 7 and above, and recommend running on PHP 7.2.


  • Why is English the only Language available?
    • LibreCMS was, and is targetted towards English Speaking Australian Business's. We may in the future decide, or if someone wants to add Language support, then we may do that, or merge their changes.
  • Why no Plugins?
    • Anybody who's worked on or developed any kind of Content Mangement System in any Programming Language knows that Plugins are a potential security problem. Plugins are something that because third parties can build them, end up being out of the control of the developer, especially if the Plugin Maker disregards the conventions set by the project.


  • Blog Articles, Portfolio's, Bookings, Events, News, Testimonials, Inventory, Services, Gallery, Proofs, Messages, and Newsletters.
  • Content Scheduler. Calendar based Scheduler.
  • Add and Remove Custom Pages. Submenu custom and existing pages.
  • Messaging - Whenever a message is created via the Contact Us page, it is stored in the Messages system as well as emailed.
  • Orders - Create Quotes, Invoices. Client viewing of Orders.
  • Media - Upload and manage various types of files for addition into content using elFinder.
  • Featured Content - Can use Content Items as Featured Content, or Images and HTML Templates uploaded into the media/carousel/ folder. Which then will get sorted, and number of items displayed depending on the settings attributes in the featured.html template file.
  • Accounts - Create Accounts for co-workers with Account Types for Administrators, Editors (especially good for SEO and Copywriters), Client's, and Visitors.
  • Client Proofs and Commenting
  • Easy Theme Selector
  • Front End Theme Engine using HTML Style Markup, the use of any CSS or Javascript Framework.
  • Front End integration uses Vanilla Javascript for back end processing for Form Submission and Event Notification.
  • Administration uses jQuery, Modified Bootstrap, LibreICONS, and other jQuery Addons.
  • Activity Fingerprint Analysis Logs of Previous Content Changes with Undo, and who made the changes. Examine Content Inputs with Draggable Popover with Undoing.
  • Suggestions Editor to allow Administrators and Content Editor to make Editing Suggestions with Reasons, and Click Adding of Suggestions.
  • Security:
    • Spam Filter than can Auto Blacklist IP's using custom blacklist text files that can be edited.
    • Project Honey Pot Integration that can Auto Blacklist when check IP's against the httpBL API Service when forms are submitted via visitors.
    • Ability to Add suspicious visitor interactions to Blacklist.
    • 30 Day Auto-Clearance of Blacklisted IP's.
    • Site Block if visitor's IP is listed in Blacklist, saving servers resources, and to hopefully stop Spammers or Email Harvester's.
    • Database Backup and ability to Prefix Table Names.
    • Blacklist IP's that try to access WordPress based files.
  • WYSIWYG Editor Content is encoded to get around some server filters blocking data such as iFrames that services such as YouTube use for Embedding.
  • Page and Visitor Tracking.
  • SEO Stats within Content, Google (currently broken), Alexa, and Moz.
  • Button links to Wiki Help pages, and popup Video Help.
  • Multiple Custom Summernote (WYSIWYG Editor) Addons, created by Studio Junkyard:

You can now get themes from our Themes GitHub Repository @ LibreCMS-Themes


  • PHP > 7.0 - Must have PDO, and Password Compat support. If you have tried LibreCMS with a higher version, please report your experiences.
  • Works with PHP 7+. Please make sure PHP Libraries are installed before reporting Issues.
  • mod_rewrite
  • GD-Image & Imagemagick- LibreCMS will work without them, but things like Thumbnails, and image resizing won't work.
  • mail services - Are needed for mail notification sending, and for the Newsletters.

Integrated Projects:

Tested on:

  • CentOS Linux 7.2.1511 with Webmin 1.791
  • Ubuntu Linux 14.04 + Apache v2.4.7 + PHP v5.6 + MySQL v5.5.37
  • Linux Mint Ubuntu Edition Apache 2.4.7 + PHP v5.6-7+ & MySQL v5.5.37
  • Linux Mint Debian Edition Apache 2.4.7 + PHP v5.6-7+ & MySQL v5.5.37
  • Debian 7 + nGinx + PHP 5.5 + MySQL
  • Windows 7 + WAMP + PHP 5.5 + MySQL


  • Add Content to the Wiki Pages on how to use LibreCMS and how to create Templates.
  • Add Instructional Videos to the LibreCMS YouTube Channel.
  • Once at a Stable Platform, create a release candidate, and create a proper gh-page site.
  • Create Free Templates.
  • Testing, and Bug Squashing, as per the usual with ongoing projects.


By downloading LibreCMS you hereby agree not to hold Diemen Design liable for any damages that your usage of LibreCMS may cause to your system, or persons. Damages may infer such things as Data Loss, Aural or Visual Impairment, Server Crashes, Alien Abduction, Coding nightmare's, Alien Implants, or Visiting Alternate Realities. LibreCMS is Licensed under MIT. We request that if you modify, and hopefully enhance LibreCMS, that you take part in maintaining, and contributing to it's code base here at GitHub.


LibreCMS Live Sites by Diemen Design:

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