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MittieWiki (miki) is a single-user personal wiki, in fact a port of my personal (ruby) wiki that I have used for 8 years now.

The new system uses the Grails platform, mainly for the sake of easier extensibility and readability of the code. It also is an exercise in simplicity.

This is a spare-time pet project, which has no roadmap and no promised features and milestones whatsoever. Feel free to use it to your liking but do not expect any support from my side.

General concept

All wiki pages are stored on disk, in a single flat directory that is configured in the Grails config under the key miki.pages.dir. with the extension '.wiki'.

These pages can be created, deleted, searched, backuped, and edited as "raw" content by the usual means of a texteditor or through the miki webapp.

The miki is a locally running webapp that presents these pages in the "cooked" format, i.e. HTML generated from the raw miki syntax.

How the syntax exactly looks like, how it can be extended, and what further capabilities the miki has, will be a question of discovery.

Yes, I know

that my implementation is ridiculously ineffecient and that I could use caching instead of reading the file system all the time.

The point is that even with the content of 8 years that I already have, the solution is fast enough and I don't need optimization, yet.


The system measures its test coverage using cobertura. Testing is done with Groovy, Grails, JUnit, Spock, and Canoo WebTest.

As of now, it has 100% line coverage, 100% branch coverage, and a surprising complexity of 0.

Cobertura counts 73 lines of production code. Not much for an application that I use every day to manage many aspects of my professional and private life.

To run the analysis, use 'grails test-app -coverage' and have a look at the target/test-reports folder.

Have at it —-Dierk (Mittie) König