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Auto-released by Travis-CI build #39

HypriotOS/arm64 for Raspberry Pi 3 in 64bit

Attention: this is an experimental OS release, please report issues at GitHub!


  • Linux Kernel 4.9.13 (arm64, optimized for Docker)
  • Docker Engine 17.09.0-ce (arm64, officially build by Docker)
    • Warning: this package was built for Ubuntu Xenial 16.04, seems to works on Debian Stretch too
  • Docker Machine 0.12.2 (arm64)
  • Docker Compose 1.16.1 (installed via PIP)
  • Bash completion for docker, docker-compose and docker-machine cli commands
  • Disable power management for wlan0 to increase stability
  • Enable bash ls colors

New Features

  • Device Init removed completely (now replaced by standard cloud-init)
  • cloud-init with a default configuration /boot/user-data file
    • hostname: black-pearl
    • username: pirate
    • password: hypriot