scripts which helps merging config files on Arch Linux
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== The goal of this program compared to all others ==
 * KISS (don't do more than needed); configurability only where it makes sense
 * Efficiency and best practices (use specialized tools like vimdiff, pacnew_scripts, and automate actions where possible)
 * Code quality & error handling (this is obvious, but worth mentioning if you've seen some of the other scripts around)

== Thoughts ==
 * If you have a bunch of changes in the config, everytime the same package gets updated, you get a .pacnew file and you must go over the same diffs again.
   -> Ucreate patchfiles? (or use git? maybe make a different branch in which you copy your /etc, but .pacnew files. then you can leverage git's merging algo's)
   -> Maybe something for pacnew_scripts?

== Caveats ==
 * merge_pacnew_mirrorlist will prune mirrorlist entries which it finds in mirrorlist but not in mirrorlist.pacnew, this helps to automatically get rid of mirrors which no longer exist.
   If you use unofficial mirrrors and you don't want to readd them with vimdiff everytime you update the mirrorlist file, include them through a separate mirrorlist file. (or in pacman.conf directly)

== Dependencies ==
 * libui-sh
 * vimdiff
 * locate (optional)
 * pacnew_scripts (optional)