Comma: a super simple comment server in go. great for statically generated web sites
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Comma: a super simple comment server for static websites, in go


  • GET /foo/bar/whatever/my-post-slug provides all comments for post my-post-slug as JSON.

  • POST reads out the following form fields, creates a comment and returns the comment as JSON.

    • post
    • message
    • name
    • email
    • url
    • company (honey-pot field to prevent spam, must be empty)


Files are stored in xml files compatible with pyblosxom's comment files

email addresses and ip addresses of comments are never served up, though the md5 of email addresses is, so you can use gravatar.

Html/javascript based commenting feature on top of this server

Integrating this in your website takes less than 100 lines of javascript.

Here's how I do it on my blog

See it in action on