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+++ title = "Moved blog to hugo, fastly and comma" date = "2015-07-02T16:35:02-07:00" tags = ["golang"] summary = """ From a slow, hard to maintain, python dynamic website on Linode, to a fast, statically generated site using the powerful hugo. Served through the fastly CDN and using the comma comment server to simply add comments to static blogs""" +++

  • I noticed what a disservice I was doing my readers when I started monitoring my site using litmus. A dynamic website in python on a cheap linode... What do you expect? So I now serve through fastly and use a static site generator.
  • pyblosxom was decent while it lasted. It can generate sites statically, but the project never got a lot of traction and is slowly fading out. There were a bit too many moving parts, so ...
  • I now use the hugo static site generator, which is powerful, quite complete and gaining momentum. Fast and simple to use.
  • Should also keep an eye on the caddy webserver since it has some nice things such as git integration which should work well with hugo.
  • Trying to get disqus going was frustrating. Self hosted options like talkatv and isso were too complex, and kaiju is just not there yet and also pretty complex. I wrote comma which is a simple comment server in Go. Everything I need in 100 lines of Go and 50 lines of javascript! Let me know if you see anything funky.
  • migrated all content.
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