a shell library providing useful UI functions
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== A library providing UI functions for shell scripts ==

When you write bash/shell scripts, do you write your own error/debug/logging/abort functions?
Logic that requests the user to input a boolean, string, password, selection out of a list,
date/time, integer, ... ?

Libui-sh is written to take care of all that.
libui-sh is meant to a be a general-purpose UI abstraction library for shell scripts.
Low impact, easy to use, but still flexible.
cli by default, can optionally use ncurses dialogs as well.

To start using it, you only need to source it and you can start calling its functions.
To reconfigure it (i.e. to change UI type, debug settings, logfile location),
just run the command libui_sh_init

The library is not strictly a UI library, it also contains a few useful functions like
check_is_in (check if an element can be found in a set - usually an array) and
seteditor (interactive $EDITOR selection)

It also comes with a shell color definitions file, just source libui-colors.sh to use them.

- bash (for cli interface)
- optionally: dialog (for ncurses interface)