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A lightweight snippets expander

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Snip lessens repetitive typing by automatically entering text ('snips') for you.

* Homepage:
* License: BSD
* Dependencies: sh, dmenu, xdotool, zenity


* interactively see/filter snips using dmenu based on filename
* TODO: optionally filter on filename and/or contents
* static snips (use literal contents) and dynamic (execute it and use output)
* doesn't abuse (overwrite) any clipboard/primary/secondary buffer
* implements the XDG basedir spec
* if $DMENU_ARGS is set in the environment, it will be used
* when saving, if text is selected it is used, otherwise it is asked for
  (saving is only useful for static snips. write dynamic snips yourself)

Limitations / todo:
* integration with clipboard. this would mean a separate directory of snips
  who are a bit more volatile.  you'd store a new snip by using a keycombo,
  and either use currently selected text, or fill in a form.
* only ascii suport (xdotool)

* put your snips in $XDG_DATA_HOME/snip/snips
* see /usr/share/snip/examples/snips for example snips
* the difference between static and dynamic snips is determined by
  the execute permission
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