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Visual Regression Testing via

This example will show you how to integrate's visual regression operation into your deployment workflow.

This will allow you to do a comparative visual diff between the live environment and the test environemnt everytime you deploy to the testing environment.

For more advanced use cases, including doing visual regression against Multidev instances, this script can be easily adapted for's REST API:


Vide demo is available

In order to get up and running, you first need to setup a project:

  1. Either login to your account or register for a new one at
  2. Setup a Diffy project for your site and define the Production and Staging URLs in the project settings.

Then you need to add the relevant code to your Pantheon project:

  1. Add the example diffyVisualregression.php script to the 'private/scripts/' directory of your code repository.

  2. Create an API token in Diffy (). Copy the token and project_id into a file called secrets.json and store it in the private files directory.

      $> echo '{"token": "yourToken", "project_id" : "123"}' > secrets.json
      sftp> cd files
      sftp> mkdir private
      sftp> cd private
      sftp> put secrets.json
      sftp> quit
  3. Add a Quicksilver operation to your pantheon.yml to fire the script after a deploy to test.

api_version: 1

      - type: webphp
        description: Do a visual regression test with
        script: private/scripts/diffyVisualregression.php
  1. Make a deploy to test environment!

Optionally, you may want to use the terminus workflows watch YOUR_SITE_ID command to get immediate debugging feedback. First you would need to install and authenticate your terminus.

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