Enable server-side reactivity for Meteor.publish
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** This package is deprecated in favour of more light-weight solutions, such as publish-composite and publish-with-relations. **

Enable server-side reactivity for Meteor.publish Depends on package "server-deps"

Replace calls to "Meteor.publish" with "Meteor.reactivePublish" and your publish function will be re-run whenever any of its dependencies change.

This package extends "Meteor.Collection.Cursor" to be reactive in the same manner as on the client if the options field for any of fetch()/forEach()/map()/count()/findOne() contains "reactive: true".

This allows for the following code to work and update automatically whenever a user changes team, or the "visibleItems" field in the user's team changes. The result is that at any time the published collection will contain precisely those items which should be visible to the user.

Meteor.reactivePublish null, () ->
	if @userId
		user = Meteor.users.findOne {_id: @userId}, {reactive: true}

		if user.team
			team = Collections.teams.findOne {_id: user.team}, {reactive: true}
			visibleItems = _.compact(team.visibleItems)
			Collections.items.find {_id: {$in: visibleItems}}
Meteor.reactivePublish(null, function() {
  if (this.userId) {
    var user = Meteor.users.findOne({_id: this.userId}, {reactive: true});
    if (user.team) {
      var team = Collections.teams.findOne({_id: user.team}, {reactive: true});
      var visibleItems = _.compact(team.visibleItems);
      return Collections.items.find({_id: {$in: visibleItems}});

Your publish function may also return an array of cursors (under the same restrictions as the built-in Meteor.publish function).

The package will automatically track the IDs of published documents to ensure that only the changes are sent to subscribed clients even when the dependencies change and the computation is rerun.