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Closure FX Builder

Closure FX Builder is an open-source web development toolkit powered by Google Closure Tools that allows you to minify, obfuscate and debug JavaScript code, dynamically build reusable HTML with Closure Templates and compile Google Stylesheets.

Closure FX Builder is not affiliated with or sponsored by Google Inc.

Closure Compiler - Closure FX Builder

####For JavaScript Developers

  • Access to almost all options of Closure Compiler including experimental and cutting-edge
  • Maximally flexible configurations of Closure Compiler
  • Super-simple command line interface with only one flag
  • Grunt Plugin to use the builder in automated build tasks
  • JavaScript code validation with dozens of checks using Closure Compiler
  • Automatic Dependency Management with Closure Library
  • Development Mode for effective Coding and Debugging
  • JavaScript code Minification and Optimization
  • Integration with popular JavaScript Editors (WebStorm, Notepad++, Komodo Edit, Sublime Text, Emacs, jEdit).
  • Problems View to navigate through the errors and warnings in your code
  • Team Friendly to work smoothly in groups

####For Soy Templates Developers

  • Template Validation
  • Console to explore and navigate errors and warnings in your code
  • Rich Compiling Tools

####For CSS Developers

  • Extensive compiling tools for Google Stylesheets


Go to the Releases page and download the latest build.

###Installation and Running

Explore Getting Started guide for installation instructions.

If you have any problems with installation or running, please explore the Known Issues page.

Do you still have a problem? Go to the Issues page and post a request.


Closure FX Builder contains built-in documentation. To use the documentation do the following:

  • Run Closure FX Builder
  • Go to About -> Help

###Closure IDE

If you are developing complex JavaScript applications or libraries, try Closure IDE - an Eclipse-based development environment for large-scale JavaScript projects. It is particularly focused to work with Closure Compiler and Closure Library.


This software is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Except as otherwise noted, the media content (text, images, icons etc.) of the Software is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.