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DigiByte Core v7.17.3

The DigiByte Team are thrilled to announce that v7.17.3 has now been released. This upgrade, lays the foundation for the upcoming DigiByte 8 upgrade.

What's new?

In this build we have cemented a new workflow process based on the Atlassian Gitflow Workflow, as well as correcting all of the Unit Tests to ensure that all commits maintain underlying stability and consensus. Initial work has also been done on tidying the emissions code output, which will be further tweaked in DigiByte version 8. Finally, Gitian keys have also been updated for a number of people to further ensure the safety of released binaries.

Who should upgrade?

This release does not make any consensus level changes, nor does it add or remove any features. As such if you are currently running DigiByte version 7.17.2, there is little to no need to upgrade. However, if you would like to run the Unit Tests, you can do-so with 7.17.3

This release predominantly serves as the basis for version 8, while also acting as a confirmation of the new development process, cementing the work done for the future of the project.

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DigiByte Core v7.17.2

The DigiByte Team is pleased to release 7.17.2, ready for an immediate upgrade.
We have our non-contentious upgrade to Odocrypt scheduled for Block 9,100,000 at which time all nodes need to be running DigiByte Core 7.17.2 to ensure they are not left behind. This is expected to be reached approx July 19th, 2019.
This will be replacing the Myr-Groestl algorithm, though, it can still be mined using 7.17.2 until that block height is reached.

You can find out more about this on Jared Tate's blog:

What's new?

  • Odocrypt algorithm replaces Myr-Groestl at block 9,100,000
  • Dandelion++ privacy improvements implemented and enabled by default

NOTE: Any exchange or service that relies on rpc commands for tx information MAY need to set "disabledandelion=1" in their digibyte.conf if you experience any issues with tx's not appearing in mempool. This is due to how dandelion works with the addition of the new stempool alongside dandelion.
However, we strongly recommend leaving it enabled to begin with for the additional privacy aspect and only disable it in the unlikely event you run into any issues.

There are no changes to RPC calls etc and upgrades over 6.17.x should be completely seamless.

Who should upgrade?

Everyone who runs a full node, with immediate effect.

If you have a hardware wallet, such as Trezor or Ledger then this upgrade will be performed by the Vendor on their servers, so there should be nothing you need to do
If you use a MultiWallet or SPV wallet such as DigiByte Android / iOS, Coinomi, Jaxx, etc then you don't need to do anything further either.