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Android SPV DigiByte wallet
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ƀ DigiWallet for Android

[download] (

###DigiByte done right

#####a completely standalone DigiByte wallet

The DigiWallet is a rapidly developing mobile wallet for the Android platform. With extensive work done to enhance sync timing, and innovative features such Digi-ID, the DigiWallet is the premier mobile product of the DigiByte platform.

#####beautiful simplicity:

DigiWallet is an extremely simple presenation of how to store, receive, and send DigiByte. As we progress the Beta, currently released on the Google Play Store, new innovative user interface components will breath life into the product, and truly make it stand out amongst the croud.

##How to set up the development environment:

  1. Download and install Java 7 or up
  2. Download and Install the latest Android studio
  3. Download and install the latest NDK or download it in android studio by "choosing the NDK" and press "download"
  4. Go to and clone or download the project
  5. Open the project with Android Studio and let the project sync
  6. Go to SDK Manager and download all the SDK Platforms and SDK Tools
  7. Initialize the submodules - git submodule init
  8. Update the submodules - git submodule update
  9. Build -> Rebuild Project
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