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A full-stack IoT project on the dynamic visualisation of room occupancy. Involves Raspberry Pis, a Dockerized NodeJS-ExpressJS-PostgreSQL backend COAP/HTTP server and a frontend ReactJS Herokuapp. 🔆
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Dynalite is an Internet-of-Things application which performs dynamic visualisation of room occupancy. Dynalite uses one or more Raspberry Pis to measure room occupancy and a NodeJS-Express-PostgreSQL web server to store and visualise the measured data. Communication betwene the Pis and the server is implemented using COAP.

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Tech stack

This project was built using 3 Docker containers and 1 Raspberry Pi:

  1. Raspberry Pi:
  • Python 3, aiocoap and RPI GPIO API
  • Other hardware add-ons such as Light Dependent Resistors
  • More RPi can always be added to Project Dynalite with no further configurations
  1. Back-end NodeJS-PostgreSQL web server:
  1. Front-end React web server:

Development guides

Raspberry Pi

To setup the Raspberry Pi, view the Raspberry Pi setup guide.

Frontend HTTP server

Backend HTTP-COAP server


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