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A Scratch 2.0 project sharing site


To setup Fetch locally, you have to follow a simple process:

  • Download the repo
  • Run the command cp ./src/* /path/to/httpd/location/

Obviously, replace /path/to/httpd/location/ with the end location of Fetch - or else it won't work and you'll end up breaking something!

  • Secure the site. Directories like ./src/Shared/ should not be able to be accessed by clients, so assuming you have Apache, securing the site would be something as simple as adding a .htaccess file:
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
  • Configure Fetch! See the next section for details.


Most of the configuration options are stored in ./src/Shared/Config.php - which means it is quite easy to change the site configuration.

For example, changing the entire colour scheme is as easy as changing the $FETCH_PRIMARY_COLOR variable.

Config.php has a full list of options and descriptions which are available right now.

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