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github.com/Digit/witch README

this github repository is mainly for witchcraft, but will gladly accomodate any and all other projects reasonably on-topic for witch.

this is digit's github, you are free (and encouraged) to make your own witch repos too, though digit will probably add you as contributor here, once you've hung around in #witchlinux on irc.freenode.net for a bit.

about witch, and witchcraft

witchcraft is where /most/ of the action is at these days.  here's my notion for it:

~ HEAVY REFACTOR-LIFTING DONE, please help (or pester digit) to clean up comments etc. ~

witch version 0.00
come to a witch chat here: http://wastedartist.com/distros/witch/witchat.html
(that's where all the action happens.  lurkers welcome.)

(Run at your own risk.  Strongly advised to read and debug if necessary before attempting to run. ~ digit)

(Warning,  This will probaly most likely cause damage to your system.  It might not even run.  Not for the faint hearted. ~jony123)
(Don't you beleave me?  Im serious,  I probaly wont even run the script myself for ages to build a system!!! ~jony123)
(You still want to try,  Well I cant stop you ~jony123)

(actually it's pretty close to being called a beta test now - Digit 20121221)
(well, maybe not that close. lol. - Digit 20130314)

to run witchcraft, download https://github.com/Digit/witch/archive/master.zip and away you go from there.

To run the witch installer script simply execute it on a command line. Before you do so, you'll need to chmod +x the whole directory you've git cloned.

	chmod -R +x ./witch
	cd ./witch

Then, you run the script:


	sh witchcraft*.sh

Please note that you'll need to be in the current directory for the script to run successfully.
%%%% warning, out of date, from pre-refactoring %%%%%%
%%%%%%%%   tester help sugestion tip thingy   %%%%%%%%
to test the witchcraft script's gentoo instalation:
first, you'll need to:
download the systemrescuecd
download & install virtualbox
    launch virtualbox
        create a new linux gentoo machine,
            give it as much ram as you think is healthy for your computer to handle virtualising,
            and a reasonably large virtual hd  (idk how small is safe)
        set virtualbox's cd drive to have the systemrescuecd's iso file in it
        start the new virtual machine
        wait for systemrescuecd to finish booting, then type startx, and hit enter.
            open midori, go get the witchcraft script. 
                    ^ probably the right branch, check with digit in #witchlinux
            copy n paste that into a file somewhere in "$PATH"
                (i.e. /bin/witchcraft is good)
            make it executable
                (chmod +x /bin/witchcraft)
            then run it
                (i.e just type witchcraft into the terminal and hit enter).
                follow the steps,
                heed the warnings,
                take great care to enter everything correctly.
                but feel safe, knowing this is just a virtual machine.
                to test the script portion that's being worked on:
                    first question: answer b
                    second question: answer b again
                    third question: answer 1
                    i'll let you figure out the rest from there.
                or feel free to explore other paths in the script, 
                    but be prepared for disapointment, and messages of incomplete

   ~alpha notes ~
Until witchcraft gets out of alpha, you may want to do this in a virtual machine running systemrescuecd or another gentoo-based live distro (or other distro even).

iso remastery has been removed for a complete re-write.
only the proper gentoo install section is written so far. (will go through a second refunctionising and revariablising to accomodate funtoo, exherbo etc with greater ease, later, once we suss the chroot issue, and get working installs out of it)

soon. ''_''


See HISTORY, philoshophy and witchsites for more infomation about witch.