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Skyline CMS

Twitter: Follow skylinecms on twitter
Author: DigitPaint
License: LGPL


Skyline is an extremely flexible and expandable open source content management system that is in constant development. Its feature rich interface allows for fast and intuitive management of websites.


User friendly page management Add, delete, publish and preview pages and modify content all in the same interface. Skyline keeps track of your changes.

Media library Organise pictures and documents with Skyline's extensive media library featuring multiple file upload, folder support and file tagging.

Content elements Expand Skyline with content elements like news, a calendar and contacts. These elements can either be featured as lists or shown individually

Easy and fast development Develop content managed websites fast with Skyline Open Source CMS.

Installation and usage

Start with our installation instructions to get Skyline up and running.

It might be a good idea to read about the basic Skyline concepts.

For further information, see our documentation and guides on (currently outdated).

If you're running into problems, don't hesitate to contact us!


See our migration instructions to update from one Skyline version to another.


Skyline CMS © 2011 by DigitPaint. Licensed under the LGPL license. Please see the COPYING and COPYING for more information.

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