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Mapping in Meteor using the NodeJS ftp package JSFTP. Plots locations of water fountains in Vancouver.
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A Meteor mapping example using the Node ftp package JSFTP and Google Maps.

Note: Ignore commit messages about "Buggy JSFTP..." since those are resolved.

Meteor Learning Goal

Mark the locations on Google Maps of public drinking fountains in Vancouver BC using

JSON data was only available by FTP at:

so this project couldn't be done with a simple HTTP GET call and instead required an FTP client in the Meteor server code


Since there is no Meteor package to provide FTP client functions (as of Jan 2015), we need to use NPM to wrap a NodeJS package called JSFTP.

Add Packages

From project root folder:

1.Add Meteor Packages. Type in terminal:

meteor add meteorhacks:npm
meteor add reactive-var

2.Add Node packages by creating packages.json file containing:

"redis": "0.8.2",
"github": "0.1.8",
"jsftp": "1.4.0"
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