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Guessblur is a game where you can't believe your eyes!
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A game where you can't always trust your eyes! The user is displayed an image and they must decide whether the image is what the suggested description is.

###Inception Guessblur was originally known as Fiddy, which was originally known as Fifty/Fifty. Based on Reddit's /r/FiftyFifty subreddit game, Guessblur was initially inteded to be a game where you select which of two differing options and live with the consequences. However, Reddit's /r/FiftyFifty is rooted heavily in unattractive NSFW options, so we had to rethink our angle. Instead we opted to develop an app based on /r/MisleadingThumbnails, and that became Guessblur.

The Rules:

In Guessblur, you are given one of two possible descriptions of an image. You select whether or not you believe this is the correct description of the image. You either gain a point or you don't. The only real rule is that you don't look at the source code because then it's pretty obvious which is the correct choice and then you're not very much fun.

###Making the Magic Happen The biggest initial challenge was deciding how we'd arrange gameplay. Once we decided that we would be unable to do the FiftyFifty-based game, we realized utilizing an API to pull the images from reddit itself would be futile lest we were bombarded with images of dismembered humans. Plan B.

Upon realizing that MisleadingThumbnails could potentially take its place, we began digging. At first, we wanted to use Imgur's API to grab the images that would be displayed. However, since we were going to have to curate each image and add a secondary description anyway, we decided to just manually add the image urls to our database. Ideally, we could use the API to grab the images for us in an admin page where we could add the secondary description and then save THAT to the database, but let's keep it simple for now. Maybe for a stretch goal.

###Minimum Viable Product Our MVP was simply a game that take random images from a database and have the user guess whether the description given was true or false. The images would be blurred at first and then would be revealed once the user made their choice. The game would keep score and list the top scores for all to see!

###Stretch Goals

  • create admin page
  • integrate Imgur's API
  • stop images from repeating during a game

###The Hurdles Sorting out the ins and outs of gameplay was definitely a challenge. A lot of staring into space and imagining syntax options that don't exist. Ultimately, Marvin came through with the functions that made it all function and we were able to get this show on the road. Also, opting to use pure CSS was a ballsy choice, but it was one that had a few happy benefits like... uh, get back to you on that in a bit.

Nedra: Dear god, the CSS. It was so brutal. So brutal. I thought of every ex. I texted 2 of them. I still didn't get the CSS perfect, but I got some closure. It's raining. It's also 4am. I'm approaching 700 lines of CSS; is this normal?

####Guessblur in its many stages + some lovely little errors: alt text alt text alt text alt text

###Current Screenshots alt text alt text alt text

Built with heart with: HTML, Python, [soooo much] CSS, Flask, Jinja, JSON, [a wee bit of] Javascript

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