A streaming audio player class (AudioStreamer) for Mac OS X and iPhone.
Objective-C C
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A fork of DigitalDJ's AudioStreamer (which is a fork jfricker's AudioStreamer (which is a fork of the original AudioStreamer by mattgallagher))

Forked and cherry-picked to get a number of community addons and fixes:
- Shoutcast metadata [jfricker]
- MIME type detection [andybee]
- HE-AACv2 [idevsoftware]
- Level Metering [idevsoftware]
- NSThread memory leak [mattgallagher]
- Fix alert spam / Invisible alerts by dispatching alerts on the main (GUI) thread instead of the notification thread [sebsto]
- Fix compilation issues in Mac OS X Sample App [sebsto]
- Fix compilation issue when SHOUTCAST_METADAT flag is defined [sebsto]
- Fix iPhone apps crashes in SHOUTCAST_METADATA mode when returning from Background [sebsto]
- Album metadata [nickpack]
- Buffer fill percentage [rayh]
- Possible fix for playing non-VBR WAV streams [isalkind]
- Invalid byte range header fix [whyz]
- Compatibility with OS3.x [bradfordcp]

Fixes and features I've implemented:
- Fixed interruption crashes
- Background buffering
- Play/pause from iPod controls
- Stop all UI updating and timers while backgrounded
- Retina display example
- Support for Pause button in UI
- Local Notifications (outside app) on error