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Vulnerable XSS Web Application

This is a small Node.js powered web application which is intentionally vulnerable to cross-site scripting.

It was created to demonstrate:

  • How custom filtering and cleansing may be bypassed
  • Alternative attack vectors to those typically documented

To read more about this, see our blog post at:



git clone
cd vulnerable-xss-app
yarn install


Each of the vulnerable endpoints accepts a query string parameter named xss which is processed and output in the response.

Vulnerable Endpoints

Endpoints Description
/ Reflects the xss parameter without modification
/replace Replaces any script tags in the xss parameter with NAUGHTY_HACKER
/remove Removes any script tags or onerror attributes in the xss parameter

Utility Endpoints

Endpoints Description
/keylogger Logs the data form field from the request in the server console
/screenshot Decodes the base64 encoded image from the data field into screenshot.png

Static Resources

Endpoints Description
/media/* Various multimedia files to test vectors using the img, audio and video tags
/scripts/* Scripts used to initialise attacks with larger payloads (e.g. keylogging)


http://localhost:3000/?xss=<audio oncanplay=alert(1) src="/media/hack-the-planet.mp3" />
http://localhost:3000/?xss=<video autoplay=true onended=alert(1) src="/media/hack-the-planet.mp4" />
http://localhost:3000/remove?xss=<img src=x ononerrorerror=alert(1) />
http://localhost:3000/replace?xss=<script <script>>alert(1)</script <script>>