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Creating your first edition


  1. Fork this repository into your own account.
  2. Configure your forked repository as a publishing source (see
  3. Clone the forked copy onto your desktop.
  4. Open the template.xml file in oXygen, and save it as catullus.xml.

The exercise involves encoding Catullus 1 as LDLT XML. There is a plain text copy of the text, apparatus testium, and apparatus criticus from Thomson's 2003 edition, as well as a PDF copy of the text with the stemma, sources, and sigla. You may also wish to refer to Catullus Online, a digital repertory of the text.

Start by creating a structure for the poem. You'll have to decide what structural elements you want to use. You should be able to (mostly) just copy and paste the plain text version into the XML and wrap it in the appropriate elements. Then, start encoding the apparatus entries as outlined in the LDLT Guidelines.

To see your work displayed in the LDLT's viewer:

  1. Commit your changes to your local branch.
  2. Push your changes to your remote repository (GitHub).
  3. Point your browser to https://[GitHub username] Replace "[Github username]" with your username.

It may take a few moments for your repository to refresh. If you encounter a 404 error, wait a few moments, then refresh your browser window.