Module for handling remote files in codeception
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Codeception Remote File Attachment Helper

This module helps to upload files when using webdriver via remote connection when using codeception.

Getting started


Just copy the file to your project and add it to your bootstrap file:

include_once "/path/to/module/AttachFileRemoteHelper.php";


After editing your bootstrap file you have to update your test suite configuration

    enabled: [WebDriver, AttachFileRemoteHelper]

No additional configuration has to be made. Just add the AttachFileRemoteHelper.

Building the WebGuy

After changing your configuration you have to re-build the web guy.

php codecept.phar build


Once the module is actived you are able to use the new method attachFileRemote the same way you are using the native codeception/webdriver method attachFile.


class CreateCommentCest
    public function testRemoteFileUpload (WebGuy $I, $scenario)
        $I->attachFileRemote("Datei", "image.png");