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Running a local web server

  • Open a Terminal (e.g. by opening Spotlight and searching for "Terminal")

  • Navigate to the folder that contains your copy of this Git repository

    By default, the terminal starts in your home directory. Use cd to change directories, pwd to show the current directory (path) and ls to show the content of the current directory.

  • Once you're in the right directory, start a local webserver by running python -m SimpleHTTPServer

    This server will run as long as you keep the Terminal window open. You can also quit the server process by pressing Ctrl+C.

  • Now, point your browser to http://localhost:8000/. (8000 is the custom port the server runs on.)

Testing on Mobile Devices

  • Make sure the device is on the same WiFi network as your laptop (that's necessary even if the two are connected by cable)

  • Find out your laptop's IP address, e.g. by going into Settings, Network, selecting the Wi-Fi adapter on the left, and looking at the IP address in the status on the right.

  • Start your local web server on the laptop (see above)

  • Point browser on the mobile device to the IP address of your laptop - e.g., but with your IP address instead of the "".