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Digital River API Postman Collection

Welcome to the demo of the Digital River API! You can use this Postman collection to test our API offering, string together checkout flows, and make calls to a test environment with a test API key provided to you by Digital River.


You can find documentation on the Digital River API on our Developer Portal here:

Installation and Use

To install the API Demo, you can click the Run in Postman button below:

Run in Postman

Alternatively, you can install this collection from your Postman client by directly downloading the .zip file, selecting "Import," and dropping in the .json file.

Step 1: Obtain API credentials

Before you can start making Digital River API requests, you'll need to contact Digital River to obtain a test key. After getting your key, you can begin to make test calls to the API.

To start the process of getting a test key, go to the Request Demo page and request a test API key in the "Tell Us More" section. From there, Digital River will reach out to get you your key in 1-2 days.

If you already have a Dashboard account, you can use your secret test key to begin making API calls as well.

Step 2: Perform a test request

In Postman, open Create a physical sku request.

In the body of the request, use the id object to specify a unique identifier for the SKU and click Send.

A successful response contains a value for the id attribute that matches the one in the request body.

Contact Us

If you have questions/concerns or if you want to move forward with Digital River, please visit our website at and select “Contact Us.”


Postman collection for testing the Digital River API.



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