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Documentation for installing and maintaining the Digital Slide Archive, Girder, and HistomicsTK
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This contains documentation for installation and maintenance for the DSA, Girder and HistomicsTK

What is the Digital Slide Archive?

The CDSA was originally developed to support the visualization of large whole slide images for cancer. The DSA is the basic platform/system that supports data upload, permissions, etc.. So the CDSA is a specific instance of the DSA software. So the CDSA is a specific set of data (from the TCGA) that uses the DSA software to host/view images.... The same system can (and hopefully will!) be used for lots of supports.

The DSA Components

The DSA consists of two primary components, and I realize the semmantics get a bit confusing!

The DSA = Digital Slide Archive = Object Management and Slide Visualization Tools HistomicsTK is a set of (mostly) python based algorithms that support the analysis of WSI Images.

There are a lot of documentation we are still in the process of curating.. to get started with actually installing the Digital Slide Archive (DSA) using docker... start from here

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