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The Platform repository provides a toolkit to help orchestrate instances of the DigitalState Application. It uses a Docker container with Ansible pre-configured to help the developer manage local and remote deployments; from sandbox to production.

This is the central repository and starting point for developers.

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If you wish to test a stable release of the application in a sandbox, we suggest downloading a tagged release of the Platform repository and using the dev environment setup documentation.

If you wish to further develop the application using the latest development efforts, we suggest downloading the develop branch of the Platform repository and using the lab environment setup documentation.


  • Git
  • Docker 18.06.1~ce
  • Docker Compose 1.22.0

If you are on Windows, Windows Pro with HyperV and DockerForWindows are required.

If you are on Mac, DockerForMac is required.

⚠️ Docker Toolkit is not compatible.



Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


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