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Camunda BPM Engine plugin that generates a administrative user on engine start.
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Camunda Administrative User Plugin

This plugin generates a single user, a single group with administrative permissions for all resources and adds the user to the group.

This plugin is designed for use cases were you want to load the Camunda Docker image without the Camunda-invoice app and still have a default administrative user in the system.


In the bpm-platform.xml file add the following to the <plugins> section:

        <property name="administratorUserName">admin</property>
        <property name="administratorPassword">admin</property>
        <property name="administratorFirstName">Steve</property>
        <property name="administratorLastName">TheAdmin</property>
        <property name="administratorEmail"></property>

On Camunda engine startup, the plugin will search for the administratorUserName value in the list of Camunda usernames. If the provided username is not found, the plugin will generate a administrative user and relevant group/authorizations. If the username is found, the plugin will not attempt to create the administrative user, group, or authorizations.

The administratorUserName is mandatory in all uses of the plugin. The administratorPassword, administratorFirstName, administratorLastName, and administratorEmail properties are only mandatory if the administratorUserName does not exist in the user accounts when the engine starts. THe reason for this is, once the administrative account has been created, you do not need to maintain the password in the xml file or relevant env variables.


This plugin is a proof of concept for automating the initial administrative user for Camunda BPM. If you have additional use case or have problems using the plugin, please open a issue.

Installing the Plugin with Docker

The plugin can easily be installed with Docker:

Your dockerfile would look like the following:

FROM camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:tomcat-7.8.0

# Remove the camunda-inovice app which will result in no users being loaded
RUN rm -r webapps/camunda-invoice

# add bpm-platform.xml file into the Camunda Conf folder.
# The bpm-platform.xml file has the Administrative User Plugin's configuration
COPY bpm-platform.xml /camunda/conf/bpm-platform.xml

# Copy Administrative User Plugin into the Camunda Lib folder
COPY camunda.administrativeuser.plugin-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar /camunda/lib/camunda.administrativeuser.plugin-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

You could have a docker-compose file such as:

    build: .
      - -Duser.timezone=America/Montreal
      - "8055:8080"

and then run docker-compose up --build in the same folder as the docker-compose and dockerfile.

Build the Plguin

To build the plugin in the root of this repo, then mvn clean package

Look in the generated target folder for camunda.administrativeuser.plugin-0.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file. Where 0.0.0 will be the current version.

Download the plugin:

See the Releases

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