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Digital Delta API Specification Version 2.0.2

This specification describes the Digital Delta API Version 2.0.2 (DD-API 2.0.2). It is meant for both implementers and consumers of the Digital Delta API specifications.
See the Digital Delta project for background information.

This version replaces version 2.0.1.
The difference between DD-API 2.0.2 and DD-API 2.0.1 consists of textual changes only in the documentation of the specification.

The status of this specification is final.

Getting started

The specification is written in RAML 1.0, a 'language' to define REST (REpresentational State Transfer) service.

It is a specification. This means that there is no full implementation of this specification available in this repository. There are, however, response examples available. Some helper classes in the C# programming language are available in the Wiki.

To read the RAML specification, some tools are recommended. Some tools are also capable of generating documentation, or code skeletons for both consumers and implementers.

The HTML specifications are generated from the RAML specification, and may be easier to read.


The easiest way to get the specification is to download the generated HTML files. To be able to use the RAML files, please consult the tools section. Knowledge of the RAML language is then recommended.

The DD-API 2.0.2 specification

The changes between version 1.0 and 2.0.* are described here.

Version 2.0. includes two specifications. The DD-API 2.0.2 of the specification is the 'general purpose' specification, with Url's that facilitate both searching for and retrieving data. Hence it both for discovery and for getting data.

The OPERational extension "DD-OPER-API" is an extension developed for/by Rijkswaterstaat, designed to retrieve data using a fixed strict Url-path. It only differs from the generic version in the Url-syntax. The DD-OPER-API provides a different set of endpoints for discovery.

Additional documentation can be found on, including readable version of the specification (HTML generated from the RAML):


The Current Implementations contains the most recent list of implementations of the Digital Delta Specifications.


Specification of the Digital Delta API (version 2 and later)







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