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data retention visualisation of National Councillor Balthasar Glättli

Where can I find it?

The application is online at

What we need?

We need help to translate the application into other languages, so that everybody on planet earth can understands the meaning of "metadata".

We describe the translation process here:

What's inside?

  • /generator is a very simple template engine, that takes a language.json and generates HTML and JavaScript for a translated web version.
  • /parser code that analyses the detained metadata, calculates the position of the cellphone and generates a big data.json for the web frontend.
  • /print some graphics, to use e.g. for print.
  • /sprites icons and stuff
  • /tiles Tiles used for the socialnetwork map.
  • /web The web frontend.


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  • JavaScript 75.4%
  • HTML 18.1%
  • CSS 6.2%
  • Shell 0.3%