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This extension links MediaWiki to phpBB's user table for authentication, and disallows the creation of new accounts in MediaWiki. Users must then log in to the wiki with their phpBB account.

MediaWiki Page:


  • PHP 7.3 or later
  • MySQL 5 or later
  • MediaWiki 1.35 LTS or later (tested on 1.35 and 1.39)
  • phpBB 3.3 (tested on 3.3.3 and 3.3.7)
  • PluggableAuth extension

Version Compatibility Matrix

MediaWiki PluggableAuth MediaWiki_PHPBB_Auth
> 1.35 6.x or 7.x 4.1.0
1.35 5.7 4.0.0
< 1.35 n/a 3.x


Install the PluggableAuth MediaWiki extension.

Extract the package contents into an /extensions/Auth_phpBB directory.

Open LocalSettings.php. Put this at the bottom of the file and edit as needed. The values in the $wgAuth_Config array below represent the defaults, except for UseCanonicalCase which was false prior to June 2016, so you only need to use and set values that differ for your system.

// phpBB User Database Plugin. (Requires MySQL Database)

$wgAuth_Config = [
    // Required settings

    'PathToPHPBB'  => '../phpbb3/',        // Path from this file to your phpBB install
    'UserTB'       => 'phpbb3_users',      // Name of your phpBB user table
    'GroupsTB'     => 'phpbb3_groups',     // Name of your phpBB groups table
    'User_GroupTB' => 'phpbb3_user_group', // Name of your phpBB user_group table

    // Make MediaWiki usernames match the case of the phpBB usernames (except
    // with the first letter set to uppercase). Setting this to false causes
    // usernames to be all lowercase except for the first character.
    // NOTE: Before June 2016 this setting was always false, changing it to
    // true on an install where it previously was false will cause users with
    // uppercase characters to appear as separate users from their previous
    // all-lowercase account!
    'UseCanonicalCase' => true,

    // Optional settings

    // --------------------------------------
    // Wiki Group settings

    // By default, any valid phpBB user can log in. To require the user to be
    // a member of one or more phpBB groups, set this to true.
    'UseWikiGroup'  => false,

    // phpBB group(s) the plugin checks for membership in when using
    // UseWikiGroup = true. Additional groups can be specified by adding
    // to the array: ['Wiki', 'SecondGroup']. To log in, the user must be
    // a member of at least one of them.
    'WikiGroupName' => ['Wiki'],

    // --------------------------------------
    // External database settings

    // Auth_phpBB assumes the phpBB tables are in the same database as the
    // MediaWiki tables. If phpBB is installed in a different MySQL database,
    // whether on the same or different host, set these parameters to have
    // the plugin connect to that database instead. See the config.php file
    // in your phpBB installation for the values.
    'UseExtDatabase' => false,
    'MySQL_Host'     => 'localhost',
    'MySQL_Port'     => '',
    'MySQL_Database' => '',
    'MySQL_Username' => '',
    'MySQL_Password' => '',

    // --------------------------------------
    // Alternative username mappings

    // Use a custom username profile field in phpBB to create the username for
    // the wiki. This is most helpful for phpBB users whose usernames are
    // incompatible with MediaWiki username restrictions.
    // See the Auth_phpBB for more information on configuring this.
    'UseWikiProfile'   => false,

    // Name of your phpBB profile data table.
    'ProfileDataTB'    => 'phpbb3_profile_fields_data',

    // Name of your phpBB custom profile field.
    // phpBB prefixes 'pf_' to the custom field name you choose in the UI.
    // e.g., "wikiusername" becomes "pf_wikiusername"
    'ProfileFieldName' => 'pf_wikiusername',

    // --------------------------------------
    // Error messages

    // Error message to display to users on a failed login attempt.
    // Message text is formatted using wiki markup. An example with a link:
    // 'Please register on the [ forums] to login.'
    'LoginMessage' => 'Please register on the forums to login.',

    // Error message when a user is not a member of the required phpBB group
    'NoWikiError'  => 'You must be a member of the required forum group.',

// load the authentication extensions
wfLoadExtension( 'PluggableAuth' );
wfLoadExtension( 'Auth_phpBB' );

Optional Features

Require phpBB group membership

To restrict wiki login to certain phpBB users, create a group in phpBB, for instance "Wiki", and assign users to it. Then update the following two configuration settings:

$wgAuth_Config['UseWikiGroup'] = true;      // Require group membership to login
$wgAuth_Config['WikiGroupName'] = ['Wiki']; // Name of your phpBB group

Custom phpBB-to-MediaWiki username translation

Auth_phpBB will use the phpBB username to create the MediaWiki username. If UseCanonicalCase is true, the MediaWiki username will match the case of the phpBB username with the first letter capitalized.

someUserName => SomeUserName

If UseCanonicalCase is false, the MediaWiki username will be set to the lowercased phpBB username with the first letter capitalized.

someUserName => Someusername

This is unlikely to work for all phpBB users as MediaWiki is more restrictive on the characters within a username, such as underscores and other special characters.

To address this, Auth_phpBB can use the value of a custom profile field in phpBB for the MediaWiki username. Forum administrators can set the value of the custom profile field to a form that is valid in MediaWiki. Users can use either their phpBB or the custom profile field value to log in to the wiki.

If this feature is enabled with UseWikiProfile, Auth_phpBB will use the custom profile field for the MediaWiki username if it is set, otherwise it will fall back to using the phpBB username as described above.

To create this field, use phpBB ACP to create a custom profile field:

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. Select Users and Groups
  3. Select Custom profile fields
  4. Create a Single text field custom profile field
    1. Name it "wikiusername"
    2. Set "Publicly display profile field" = no
    3. Uncheck all visibility options, except check "Hide profile field"
    4. Set "Field name/title presented to the user" = "Wiki Username"
    5. Set "Field description" = "Forum username translated for wiki username restrictions"
    6. Set "Length of input box" = 20
    7. Set "Maximum number of characters" = 255
    8. Set "Field validation" to "Any character"
    9. Set Language definitions fields to same as field name/title/description above.

Warning: The custom profile field must be hidden to all but the admins because users could otherwise hijack wiki accounts by entering any username they wish.

Update LocalSettings.php and set the following values:

$wgAuth_Config['UseWikiProfile'] = true;
// Name of your phpBB profile data table.
$wgAuth_Config['ProfileDataTB'] = 'phpbb3_profile_fields_data';
// Name of your phpBB custom profile field.
// phpBB prefixes 'pf_' to the custom field name you choose in the UI.
// e.g., "wikiusername" becomes "pf_wikiusername"
$wgAuth_Config['ProfileFieldName'] = 'pf_wikiusername';

Forum admins can now populate the custom profile field for a user to set their wikiusername. For example, enter "Under Score" for a user with the name "Under_Score" because underscores are not allowed in MediaWiki usernames. Users with phpBB usernames which are also valid MediaWiki usernames do not need this field set.


To debug configuration and authentication issues, enable the debug log group for the Auth_phpBB component by adding this to your LocalSettings.php:

$wgDebugLogGroups = [
    "Auth_phpBB" => "/some/path/mw-debug-Auth_phpBB.log",

Any plugin configuration issues that result in an Exception should output an error message to the file.

When users login the log will contain the progress of the authentication. Here's an example of a successful login using UseWikiProfile and UseWikiGroup:

2022-01-27 17:09:04: authenticate: looking up phpBB account & WikiProfile for 'TestUser'
2022-01-27 17:09:04: lookupPhpBBUser: no phpBB username matched 'TestUser'
2022-01-27 17:09:04: lookupWikiProfile: found WikiProfile 'TestUser' with user_id 862
2022-01-27 17:09:04: getWikiProfileName: user_id 862 has a WikiProfile of 'TestUser'
2022-01-27 17:09:04: authenticate: attempting login for 'TestUser' as wiki user 'TestUser'
2022-01-27 17:09:05: isMemberOfWikiGroup: user_id 862 is a member of 'Wiki'
2022-01-27 17:09:05: authenticate: user 'TestUser' logged in as wiki user 'TestUser'

Be sure to disable $wgDebugLogGroups after you are done debugging!


This extension links MediaWiki to phpBB's user table for authentication, and disallows the creation of new accounts in MediaWiki. Users must then log in to the wiki with their phpBB account.








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