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Integration of DGX into centralized exchanges


There are two non-typical behaviours of DGX tokens that a Centralized Exchange will have to deal with:

  1. Transfer fees: 0.13% of DGXs is deducted when DGX tokens are transferred from one address to another
  2. Demurrage fees (which is only turned on DEMURRAGE_START_DATE): DGX balance of the exchange wallet will decay over time at the rate of 0.00165% a day (hence, ~0.6% a year).

More details about the DGX fees can be found at this doc

Contract for reading DGX fees configurations

Bare minimum DGX integration from now to DEMURRAGE_START_DATE:

Since there is no demurrage fees until DEMURRAGE_START_DATE, centralized exchanges only need to deal with transfer fees:

  • Assume that the user deposits into a personalized wallet, before the DGXs is swept to the exchange's wallet, there will be two DGX transfers which will take ~0.26%.
  • For example, if a user deposits 100DGX, only 99.87DGX will go into their deposit address, out of which only 99.74DGX will go into the exchange's wallet.
  • Suggestion: the exchange might want to tell the users that there is an addtional 0.26% fees when depositing DGXs and a 0.13% fees when withdrawing DGXs.
  • Suggestion: the exchange should include a note to roughly explain this extra fees, and link it to a post from Digix that explains the fees.

Extra integration needed after DEMURRAGE_START_DATE when demurrage is turned on:

  • Since the DGX balance of the exchange wallet will decay 0.00165% a day, the exchange should deduct the users' DGX balances by 0.00165% a day as well, in order to remain solvent
  • Suggested implementation:
    • The exchange should have an additional variable lastDGXDemurrageDeduction for every user, which could be initialized when the user deposits the first DGXs
    • Whenever there is a scenario that needs an updated DGX balance of the user, a function should be called to:
      • Calculate how many days have passed since lastDGXDemurrageDeduction
      • Deduct the demurrage fees from the user's DGX balance. There are multiple options an exchange could use to calculate this demurrage fees:
        • Use the DgxDemurrageCalculator contract (at link) to calculate the demurrage using the current demurrage rate on the blockchain. The documentation for this contract can be found here
        • Use a REST API provided by Digix that will take a numberOfDays and initialBalance and return the demurrage fees.
        • Since the demurrage rate is not likely going to change very often, the exchange could just use the rate of 0.00165% a day to calculate the demurrage. Digix will inform the exchange when this rate is about to change.
      • Update the lastDGXDemurrageDeduction
      • The exchange is encouraged to replicate the same demurrage deduction logic that is already described in here
    • The scenarios where a user's DGX balance should be updated might include:
      • When the user logs in (either throug UI or API)
      • Right before the user makes a DGX order
      • Right before the user's balance is updated after their DGX order is filled.
    • The exchange should have a note near the user's DGX balance that briefly say that DGX balance decays overtime, and link it to a Digix post that explains it.
  • Since the user's DGX balance will decay over time, a sell order of the whole DGX balance would become "insolvent" on the next day. Our suggestion to solve this problem is:
    • When placing new DGX sell orders, disallow the user to use more than 99.7% of their DGX balance in open orders. This ensures that the DGXs remaining are enough to pay for demurrage for 6 months.
    • To prevent a case where a sell order of 99.7% of the user's DGX balance remains open for more than 6 months and hence become "insolvent" (since the user balance is less than the amount on the order), a periodic script should be run at least monthly to:
      • Loop through all the users that have DGXs
      • For each user, if the DGXs in the user wallet (and are not on any open orders) are not enough to pay for at least 1 month of demurrage, cancel the open DGX orders.
    • The exchange should inform the users of these behaviors and link it to a Digix post that explains these behaviours.
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