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Because file watching is hard
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Because file watching is hard.

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$ npm install inotifyr


var Inotifyr = require('inotifyr');

var watcher = new Inotifyr('path/to/watch');
watcher.on('create', function (filename, stats) {
  console.log('Added %s: %s', stats.isDir ? 'dir' : 'file', filename);


Inotifyr(dir[, options])


An object with the following properties

  • events: (String | Array) Default: ['create', 'modify', 'delete', 'move'] A list of the events below to watch for.
  • recursive: (Boolean) Default: false Should sub directories be watched?
  • onlydir: (Boolean) Default: false Only watch the path if it is a directory.
  • dont_follow: (Boolean) Default: false Do not follow symbolics links
  • oneshot: (Boolean) Default: false Only send events once

Available Events

  • access: File was accessed (read)
  • attrib: Metadata changed, e.g., permissions, timestamps, extended attributes, link count (since Linux 2.6.25), UID, GID, etc.
  • close_write: File opened for writing was closed
  • close_nowrite: File not opened for writing was closed
  • create: File/directory created in the watched directory
  • delete: File/directory deleted from the watched directory
  • delete_self: Watched file/directory was deleted
  • modify: File was modified
  • move_self: Watched file/directory was moved
  • move_from: File moved out of the watched directory
  • move_to: File moved into watched directory
  • open: File was opened
  • all: Watch for all kind of events
  • close: (close_write | close_nowrite) Close
  • move: (move_to | move_from) Moves


Executing the tests

$ npm test

Running jshint

$ npm run hint
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