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DigutSLC is a text length checker and a convenient text writer developed by Digutsoft.

Whatever you write, DigutSLC will tell you the length of the text directly. Also, with simple and light UI, save/load as txt file, DigutCloud function, you can use it not only text length checker, but also a light text editor.

You can check your text's length with ‘Except space’, ‘Except enter’, and ‘Except each side’s space’ function and it uses simple and light design, so you can work conveniently.

And also DigutSLC includes DigutCloud, so you can write PC, web, Android wherever you want, upload/download to Cloud, and continue writing.

With this DigutSLC, when you need to write a long text with specified text length, such as report from school or cover letter, check text’s length with DigutSLC, upload to DigutCloud and continue writing in PC, smartphone or in your browser.

With DigutSLC, your writing will be definitely easy.

The source code in this repository is for Android. Code of Windows version will be added soon.