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PaperTrails - Advanced Logging and Log management

Welcome to the nu.dijker.PaperTrails wiki!

PaperTrails is an Homey App for logging and the management of that log. The App is inspired by Simple Log ( from Niels de Klerk

On the Settings page you can view the Log and set te refresh interval and max number of lines the log may grow.

To add something to the log use the two action cards:

TimeStamp your text to the log Add text to the log

Timestamping uses the format YYYY-MM-DD [Your Text ...] This is used to easy determine newer/older lines. The Action card "Remove Log older than (hours)" removes all oldest logs based on that timestamp including possible plain text lines in-between.

This also triggers a Trigger card: "PaperTrails-This Flow is triggered."

PaperTrails-This Flow is triggered.

It provides three tokens, the removed log lines, the # of lines and a Message. You can easily us this card to email the logs. It is also possible to trigger that flow with a "PaperTrail-Trigger a Flow" action card.

Whenever the log grows past this length, it automatically triggers a flow (using the trigger "PaperTrails at max configured Lines" ) You can configure and customize your own log management here if you like.

After three times it will automatically delete approx. 20% of the oldest log to keep the log small enough for Homey.

Some Examples:

For some complete examples see the examples Wiki page. (to be done)


  1. Q: What does this App do? A: It provides you the option to Log from the actions in a logfile on the settings page.
  2. Q: What kind of logging is possible? A: from an Action card: Timestamped in the format YYYY-MM-DD [LogText] or log plain text.
  3. Q: And What kind of Log management? A: PaperTrails provides a trigger when the Log reaches it's max configured # of lines, and has options to report the complete Logs, or truncate the log older than # of hours and fe report/send the logs using other apps by fe email (using )
  4. Q: I have an other question..... :smiley: A: See you on the forum:
  5. Q: I have found a bug / a feature request! A: See you on GitHub

Version History:

Full Release notes here:


Download using the App Store or go to the Github repository for the most recent version.

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