Painless image picker with orientation, resizing, clipping, masking and caching of images
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##Essential Imager

###Summary A painless solution for

  • Block based UIImagePickerController delegate in ARC
  • Resizing images, taking into account orientation and scale
  • Caching images (sync or async) with a scale suffix
  • Retrieving images from cache, taking into account scale
  • Clipping or masking images to a desired frame and centering



Requires iOS5
Copy the EssentialImager folder
Set -fno-objc-arc compiler flag on EDStorageManager and EDStorageOperation
Import EssentialImager.h

Start using!
Take a look at the demo project for examples


Trevor Harmon for image resizing operations
Nick Lockwood for file paths
Andrew Sliwinski for async file storage

Camera icon by Stanislav Levin, from The Noun Project (Attribution ( CC BY 3.0 ))