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Core Animation framework for navigating data by flipping
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Animation component for the effect of flipping as in a news/clock ticker, or a page turn.

Structured around the idea of a data object (i.e. headline in news, number in a clock, page in a book) as an animation frame, comprised of multiple CALayers.

Supports 3 interaction modes: Triggered - as in a tap to flip Auto - as in a revolving flip that loops through data Controlled - as in a pan gesture that moves the flip layer according to touch

Supports different types of content: Blank, with background color With image (whether from file or screenshot) With dynamic text, either composited on background or on image

Supports customizable parameters: Sensitivity, gravity, shadow, text positioning, alignment, font etc.

Basic Usage:

  1. Create delegate object - AnimationDelegate *animationDelegate = [[AnimationDelegate alloc] initWithSequenceType:kSequenceAuto directionType:kDirectionForward];

  2. Create flip view and assign it to animation delegate - FlipView *flipView = [[FlipView alloc] initWithAnimationType:kAnimationFlipVertical animationDelegate:animationDelegate frame:CGRectMake(60, 95, 200, 50)]; animationDelegate.transformView = flipView;

  3. Add flip view as subview and customize properties

  4. Call [flipView printText: usingImage: backgroundColor: textColor:] to draw each frame (minimum of 2)

  5. Call [animationDelegate startAnimation:] to start the animation. For using buttons or pan gesture, look at the animation controller example

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